A surf lifesaver is a person who demonstrates character and skill. They are fit, skilled, team-oriented and adaptable. We commit time and energy to maintain a high level of skill through ongoing training. Surf Life Saving Sport presents our members with a unique challenge.
There is no other sport that is based on a humanitarian service – that of saving lives at the beach and in the sea. In order to participate at a Senior level, competitors must be qualified for lifesaving duties, but they remain lifesavers first, and competitors second.
All events are based on the skills required by lifesavers and lifeguards and the equipment used by them in carrying out their duty, but it provides one of the most, exciting, colorful and eco-friendly of all sporting activities that you could wish to see.
Surf Life Saving Sport is organized at several different levels to suit the individual:
Sharks – from 5 – 7
Nippers – from 7 -13
Juniors – from 13 – 19
Seniors – from 16 – 30
Masters – from 30 upwards
IRB (In-shore Rescue Boat)