We are 1st North Devon Scout group one of 14 groups that make up the North Devon District, we are known as Barum’s (Barum being the old latin name for Barnstaple) scout group and can trace our heritage back to 1908. We have a proud tradition and are responsible for offering scouting to all areas of Barnstaple, with the exception of Pilton and Bickington. We are currently involved with about 80 young people supported by 25 regular volunteers.

It is our aim to spread the message of scouting to as many of Barnstaple’s young people as possible. Empowering them to enjoy the activities it offers and to engage with the lifestyle choices it encourages; loyalty, honesty, integrity and self-determination.

We are based in the Trinity Church Grounds, Barbican Terrace, Barnstaple, EX32 9HG.

Our Squirrels (ages 4 and 5) meet term time Thursdays from 5.00 to 6.00

Our Beavers (ages 6 and 7) meet term time Mondays 5.30 to 6.30

Our Cubs (ages 8-10.5) meet term time Mondays 6.45 to 8.15 and we have a second pack meeting Thursdays  6.15 to 7.45

Our Scouts (ages 10.5-14) meet term time Wednesdays 7.15 to 9.15

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